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Hemorrhoids - The Best Treatment For Piles

You may have hemorrhoids, or know someone that already has them and asked yourself how did this problem happen? More often than not it is due to being a particular type of person or due to the individual's daily routine. You may have a job that entails a lot of lifting, moving heavy objects or prolonged sitting such as a truck driver. If you are overweight or have tendencies to delay going to the toilet when ever a bowel movement comes along, you maybe at higher risk of getting hemorrhoids. If you suffer from constipation or are currently pregnant or have recently had a baby, you are also prone to getting hemorrhoids.

All of these factors play a role in causing someone to get hemorrhoids because it either directly or indirectly has an effect on the inner lining of the rectal passage. This area is soft and contains many veins used to help the passing of stools down the rectum and out of the anus. If they become irritated due to processed sugars and dry stools rubbing against them, they can start to swell up with blood. Soon these lumps can become like large grapes squashed together making it harder and harder for you to pass stools. These are usually known as internal hemorrhoids.

If you develop an external hemorrhoid you can find it hard to sit down due to the pain, itching and tingling sensation. These types of hemorrhoids are created near the entrance of the anus, usually by a consistent sharp pressure like sitting down in a moving vehicle on long journeys. You may notice that after a long road journey you have developed a hemorrhoid because of the mixed effects of the moving vehicle and delayed breaks to go to the rest room.

The best advice that can be given to a hemorrhoid sufferer is to start taking action straight away to help reduce the size for the hemorrhoid before more worse problems can occur like thormbosed hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoid is the worst, most painful hemorrhoids you can get and requires almost immediate surgical treatment.

It is recommended to take a natural remedy to cure your hemorrhoids and get long lasting freedom from hemorrhoids. To remedy external hemorrhoids you can get creams and suppositories to soothe the area and reduce the size of the hemorrhoids. With internal hemorrhoids you can use supplements that have all natural ingredients.

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